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Christmas ads fall from grace
13 Dec: Christmas ads fall from grace

Christmas season is in full swing and all the major retailers have released their highly anticipated TV ads. While Christmas ads dominated the top five most-watched YouTube videos last year, only two brands in Gartner L2’s latest  Digital IQ Index: Retail Europe secured spots. Animations from Germany’s MediaMarkt and the UK’s Marks & Spencer came first and third, respectively. …

Retail strategy for last-minute shoppers
12 Dec: Retail strategy for last-minute shoppers

We’re in the homestretch of the holiday shopping season. Three out of four holiday shopper types have been busy crossing off items on their gift list: early birds, evergreens, and deal seekers. Who does that leave? The last-minute shopper, of course. Research shows that only 18% of shoppers consolidate their shopping to the Black Friday-to-Cyber Monday period. Meanwhile, 70% of shoppers…

Millennials and loyalty
11 Dec: Millennials and loyalty

Ever since CEO Marc Benioff declared that “Loyalty is dead,” in a November 2017 interview with Mad Money’s Jim Cramer, business leaders have been wringing their hands.  But listen beyond the attention-getting soundbite, and you will learn that what Benioff is talking about is the way businesses define customer loyalty, i.e. as a program. That is not how customers…

Retail IoT is still coming into its own in 2019
10 Dec: Retail IoT is still coming into its own in 2019

Retailers see some tantalizing possibilities for using IoT technology in their businesses, but 2019 seems likely to feature more pilot programs and small-scale testing than widespread upheaval.
Bridging the gap between online and in-person shopping, increased automation, and new ways to engage with customers (mostly by showing them ads) are all concepts with major upside for retailers, but the technology has…

Nike opens digital-powered flagship
09 Dec: Nike opens digital-powered flagship

Big brands are opening big stores in big cities, but Nike is taking a decidedly digital approach with its New York City flagship: that is, the customer payment and shopping experience in the new space is powered by mobile technology.
The store’s concept, dubbed Nike NYC, is to blend the online and offline worlds with the help of smartphones. Nike Chief…

Signed, sealed, delivered – Analysing the impact of e-commerce on urban areas
08 Dec: Signed, sealed, delivered – Analysing the impact of e-commerce on urban areas

Global e-commerce has expanded at a high rate over the past decade, although it still constitutes a relatively low share of total turnover. Growth is expected to continue at a high rate.
Shopping habits differ between European countries, different age groups and areas. For example, Nordic consumers make more online purchases than consumers in Italy or Hungary. Eurostat statistics show that…

Why and how GDPR applies to people globally
07 Dec: Why and how GDPR applies to people globally

Privacy and data protection are fundamental rights. When respected they help improve trust and reduce power imbalances. Individuals should have rights over their personal data, regardless of who holds or processes it, and effective ways to enforce those rights, through independent bodies. While not an ideal solution, GDPR gives individuals more control over their personal data. Rather than burdening individuals…