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Carrier mapping
14 Feb: Carrier mapping

Retailers and brands who are invested in providing a great customer delivery experience must understand the global carrier market. MetaPack’s Carrier Mapping tool lets you quickly and effectively discover the carriers and carrier services that are available on the MetaPack platform.
For each and every order, MetaPack is able to identify the most appropriate delivery service for that particular customer, providing…

Trends and takeaways from retail's NRF BIG Show 2019
13 Feb: Trends and takeaways from retail’s NRF BIG Show 2019

From AI to VR to IoT, these buzzword acronyms were featured at this year’s NRF Big Show. But beyond the jargon, the show delved into practical ways for retailers to take on the transformation of the industry. Every year at the world’s largest retail conference and exposition, nearly 40,000 attendees from 100 countries gather at the NRF Big Show in New…

Omnichannel retail trends brands can't afford to miss in 2019
12 Feb: Omnichannel retail trends brands can’t afford to miss in 2019

As consumers grow and change, so do online retail trends — and with more and more Gen Z’ers aging into shopping dominance, keying into those trends is crucial for sustained ecommerce success. Do you know what omnichannel retail trends are coming down the pipeline? Are you ready to meet the needs of these younger shoppers and leverage their social influence to…

Here’s how the Google Assistant became more helpful in 2018
11 Feb: Here’s how the Google Assistant became more helpful in 2018

In 2018, the Google Assistant learned to speak new languages (Nǐ hǎo!), expanded to new regions (like the Netherlands, Indonesia and Turkey), and became smarter with new features that can help you throughout your day. Along the way, more people started using the Assistant to get some help—active users of the Google Assistant grew four times over the past year….

Fewer consumers celebrating Valentine’s Day but those who do are spending more
10 Feb: Fewer consumers celebrating Valentine’s Day but those who do are spending more

Americans are expected to spend a record amount on Valentine’s Day this year despite a years-long decrease in the percentage of people celebrating the holiday, according to the annual survey released today by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics. “Those who are participating are spending more than ever and that could be the result of the strong economy.“

In 2019, people say they'll spend the most (and least) time on these social networks
09 Feb: In 2019, people say they’ll spend the most (and least) time on these social networks

Around here, much of 2018 was spent discussing and writing about social media. The topic (and industry) arguably made a record number of headlines this year, with people and companies alike wondering how productive time spent on social media might be. Tools were integrated on both mobile devices and certain social apps themselves to help people manage that time. Movements began…

Retail is broken
08 Feb: Retail is broken. Angela Ahrendts has a plan

Retail is broken. Apple’s Angela Ahrendts has a plan
After turning round the fortunes of Burberry, Angela Ahrendts is five years into reimagining Apple’s bricks-and-mortar presence. Vogue Business meets the tech behemoth’s senior vice president of retail on the steps of its soon-to-be-unveiled Washington, DC, flagship
Despite the recent profits warning, Apple is bolstering its investment in experiential retail, with expansive flagships, and…