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Its EU VAT (tax code) number is BE0695708348.

Cross-Border Commerce Europe may update and modify the content, configuration, or presentation of its website at any time without prior notice. Cross-Border Commerce Europe strives to ensure that all information provided by its website is as clear, understandable and appropriate as possible. It also makes every effort to avoid errors and, if they do arise, to fix and update them. Cross-Border Commerce Europe cannot, however, guarantee the absence of errors or that the content remains updated at all times.

The intellectual property rights for the content, texts, guides, corporate badges, images, etc., of this website, belong to Cross-Border Commerce Europe and, where appropriate, to the remaining associations and entities mentioned on the site. They are protected by the Belgian legal system and the community and international regulations within the jurisdiction. The unauthorised reproduction, distribution, commercialisation, or transformation of these contents (unless legally permitted for personal or private use) constitutes an infraction of the intellectual property rights of Cross-Border Commerce Europe or the owner in question.

The total or partial reproduction, distribution, commercialisation, or transformation of any content on the website is prohibited unless authorised in writing by Cross-Border Commerce Europe. The printing and downloading of excerpts from the content on the website are permitted only in the case of personal or private use.

Requests for these may be sent to  info@cbcommerce.eu. To exercise the right to quote, one must mention Cross-Border Commerce Europe as the owner of the content excerpts or documents in question. One must also include that this website is the source of the information if such is the case. In those cases where the excerpts from content or documents found on the website are the property of a third party, one must indicate [owner name] as it is published on the website of Cross-Border Commerce Europe. Become informed about the process by email at the following address:  info@cbcommerce.eu.

Cross-Border Commerce Europe cannot be held responsible for the possible misuse of its website by third parties or the information passed on to third parties in the process. The contents of this website are mere of informative nature. Thus, the employment of this information on the user’s part and the potential consequences, damages or harm is solely the user’s responsibility. Cross-Border Commerce Europe reserves the right to take any legal action that it considers appropriate in response to the illegal use of the content on its website by third parties.

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Twitter Terms of Use

The purpose of our Twitter profile @CBCommerceEU is to serve as a loudspeaker for adhered businesses who have taken a clear stance in favour of protecting online users, transparency, and responsibility when selling or advertising online.

Our Twitter profile will also be used to respond to consumer and user queries and publish various news, events, and conferences.

We encourage you to leave comments and post videos and images related to topics found here as long as it is done in a way that does not contradict the terms of use of either Twitter or Cross-Border Commerce Europe.

We ask that you keep in mind that in the administration of claims, we recommend that users direct their queries or complaints to the business first; if you do not receive a response or if it is not satisfactory, come to Cross-Border Commerce Europe sending an email to info@cbcommerce.eu.

Finally, we deny responsibility for the opinions shared by users who participate here. Nonetheless, as administrators of the webpage, we will eliminate those contents and posts violating your industrial property rights, intellectual property rights (copyright), and the appearance of unsolicited and unauthorised advertising and promos, which may constitute acts of illegal advertising and unfair competition. Similarly, we will try to monitor content and delete those which are inappropriate, defamatory, obscene, or incorrect, always taking into account first-hand knowledge that these are violating the rights recognised by third parties and applicable laws.

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