Cross-Border Commerce Europe launches the first edition of the “Top 20 Marketplaces Cross-Border Europe”


Cross-Border Commerce Europe launches the first edition of the “Top 20 Marketplaces Cross-Border Europe”. An annual analysis of the best European owned Cross-Border B2C platforms.

Brussels, 29 August 2019. Cross-Border Commerce Europe, the platform for Cross-Border eCommerce in Europe, launches a study that maps the 20 best Marketplaces in the sector, zooming in on their Cross-Border performance. The total Cross-Border market of European owned Marketplaces represents a turnover of €9 billion in 2018 (excluding travel). This is 21% of the total Cross-Border Marketplaces in Europe, reaching a turnover of €42 billion, with Amazon generating €28 billion. The German Marketplace Zalando is number one. We expect European owned Cross-Border Marketplaces to grow by more than 50% to reach €15 billion by 2020.

The “Top 20 Cross-Border Marketplaces of Europe” is a compilation of Cross-Border data of European Marketplaces websites. The ranking is based on four parameters:

  • Cross-Border online sales in Europe (16 countries in Western Europe including UK)
  • SEO indicators for Cross-Border performance
  • A Cross-Border score determined on the number of covered countries
  • Number and percentage of Cross-Border visits

There are four additional weighted parameters that refine the ranking:

  • Type of Marketplaces’ business models (B2B – B2C – P2P – C2C – …)
  • Pan-European Marketplaces’ brand strategies
  • AI & Big Data Marketplaces’ strategies
  • Type and number of services offered to the Marketplaces’ customers

This study takes into account B2C online platforms, all sectors combined, excluding travel, that offer at least two of the following three services: payment, storage and logistics. Farfetch, Asos, Zalando, Fnac, La Redoute, Spartoo, Otto, Pixmania, Fruugo and Deliveroo are included in this analysis. Miinto, a B2B network with fashion stores without logistics services, and Takeaway are on the other hand excluded. Most Marketplaces offer a portfolio of “Retail as a Service” services: transport, return management, flow management, cloud computing, payment and online marketing.

In this Cross-Border ranking, the Top 5 European owned B2C Marketplaces consist of:
– Top 1: Zalando
– Top 2: Fruugo
– Top 3: Asos
– Top 4: Farfetch
– Top 5: Carrefour

The European Cross-Border trade (excluding travel) amounted to €95 billion in 2018, with 55% generated by European players and 45% by non-EU retailers.

European owned Marketplaces represent a Cross-Border turnover of €9 billion, which represents only 17% of the total Cross-Border market in Europe worth €52.25 billion.

For retailers outside the European Union, 80% of the Cross-Border turnover is generated by Marketplaces. Pure players such as Amazon (€28 billion), Wish, AliExpress, Etsy and eBay represent more than a third of the total €95 billion, leaving behind the European owned Marketplaces with €9 billion.

However, significant growth is forecast for European owned Marketplaces, estimated by more than 50% up to €15 billion by 2020, supported by three pillars:

1. The most important Cross-Border Marketplaces in the EU markets, namely Fnac (FR), Spartoo (FR), Zalando (DE), Fruugo (UK), Pixmania (FR), Farfetch and Asos (UK), Bytbil (NO), (DE) and Coolshop (DK) will experience strong organic growth, while on average 50% of their turnover is generated by sales from third parties. This share is expected to grow further.

2. EU Marketplaces that operate locally, look for growth opportunities beyond their borders: 2dehands and 2ememain (BE), Marktplaats and (NL), On Buy and Flubit (UK), CDiscount, La Redoute, Priceminister (FR), (DE), eMag (Eastern Europe), Fyndiq (SE), (PT), Clasohlson (SE), (AT), Gigantti and Verkkokauppa (FI), Allegro (PL), (HU) and (DE).

In France, Amazon has a market share of 14.2% in e-commerce without travel, followed by CDiscount (7.8%). Only 5% of Amazon’s e-commerce is realized in France, compared to 95% for CDiscount.

In the Netherlands, is planning to expand to new geographical areas. The Marketplace is its leading growth engine. Today, 23.000 e-tailers sell on

3. We expect also the emergence of new European niche markets by 2020. They are now very popular in the United States and the United Kingdom, such as: Newegg for the global electronics market, Reverb for musicians, Zibbet for independent artists, artisans and vintage collectors, Houzz for interior designers, Wayfair selling home accessories and furniture, toys and multimedia products and Folksy for crafts.

The share of Marketplaces in Cross-Border B2C e-commerce continues to increase. Consumers prefer Marketplaces because of their frequent and repeated orders. They are for the most part “Prime” members and therefore very loyal. Marketplaces go beyond brands and retailers in almost all dimensions of consumer preferences, including product quality, uniqueness, availability and price. Consumers search directly for products on Marketplaces before using Google.

The European Commission and Parliament issued a proposal for new legislation last March to make online platforms more transparent. The main objective of this Regulation is to provide consumers and retail customers with detailed information on general terms and conditions of sale. A boost to stimulate purchases and sales on Marketplaces.

I want to thank the partners (Worldline, Oney, Mondial Relay, DPD, …) and the members of Cross-Border Commerce Europe who have put all their energy into this new and long-awaited study. It will stimulate the European-owned Marketplaces“, concludes Carine Moitier, founder of[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”33981″ img_size=”large” onclick=”img_link_large” img_link_target=”_blank”][gem_button position=”center” size=”medium” corner=”3″ icon_pack=”elegant” text=”Get your Top 500 Analysis Report here” link=”|||” text_color=”#ffffff” hover_text_color=”#ffffff” background_color=”#604794″ hover_background_color=”#817393″][vc_column_text]About Cross-Border Commerce Europe:

Cross-Border Commerce Europe is the European network and knowledge platform for all eCommerce and omnichannel players present in at least three countries in Europe. connects the different actors with each other to increase visibility, share knowledge and figures, identify trends and specificities of each European country. Members of Cross-Border Commerce Europe are brands and retailers of all sizes. Partners are suppliers of services in all areas of trade.

For more information, concrete testimonials or interviews, contact:

Carine Moitier
Founder Cross-Border Commerce Europe,
Mobile: +32 473 26 05 61

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