Yes, shoppers are using search in your store. Here’s how to help

yes shoppers are using search in your store heres how to help | Yes, shoppers are using search in your store. Here's how to help Retailers have long dreaded showrooming — when people pull out their phones in a store and, presumably, start looking for a cheaper, better product from the competition. It’s true that people are on their phones more than ever in stores — mobile search queries that take place in a store have grown 15% in recent years.¹ But that’s not necessarily bad news.
To get to the bottom of what people are doing on their phones in stores — and help retailers craft a marketing strategy that will help those customers — we conducted new research and found that people no longer follow a predictable and straight path to purchase. Now, they continue widening and narrowing their options as they shop across their channel-less shopping journey. Read more…

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