Press releases


18 Dec: Press Release: In 2019, Denmark, the Netherlands and Switzerland became the best performing countries of the TOP 500 EU Retail in the field of Cross-Border E-Commerce in Europe

Cross-Border Commerce Europe, the platform that gathers Cross-Border E-commerce in Europe, is launching a new study of the best performing countries stimulating Cross-Border webshops in Europe. In 2019, Denmark is the winning country with n° 1 Pandora, n° 2 Vivino and n° 3 Jack & Jones.


28 Nov: Press Release: E-Commerce ‘Pure Players’ in the fashion industry are Europe’s fastest growing Cross-Border sellers

Brussels, 29 November 2019. Cross-Border Commerce Europe, the platform for Cross-Border e-commerce in Europe, launches a new study concerning the best business sectors and product categories of the TOP 500 European Retail. This shows that the ‘fashion / jewellery / baby’ category is the big winner, with the best business sector ‘Pure Players’ taking the major share of the cake.

Cross-Border Commerce Europe launches the first edition of the “Top 20 Marketplaces Cross-Border Europe”

29 Aug: Press Release: Cross-Border Commerce Europe launches the first edition of the “Top 20 Marketplaces Cross-Border Europe”

Brussels, 29 August 2019. Cross-Border Commerce Europe, the platform for Cross-Border eCommerce in Europe, launches a study that maps the 20 best Marketplaces in the sector, zooming in on their Cross-Border performance. The total Cross-Border market of European owned Marketplaces represents a turnover of €9 billion in 2018 (excluding travel). This is 21% of the total Cross-Border Marketplaces in Europe, reaching a turnover of €42 billion, with Amazon generating €28 billion. The German Marketplace Zalando is number one. We expect European owned Cross-Border Marketplaces to grow by more than 50% to reach €15 billion by 2020.

21 Jun: PRESS RELEASE: Luxembourg, Ireland and Austria are the champions for Cross-Border eCommerce in Europe

Brussels - June 21, 2019. Cross-Border Commerce Europe, the platform that stimulates cross-border eCommerce in Europe, launches an eRank research for 16 countries within Europe. Luxembourg, Ireland and Austria rank in the top 3. The rising market share of Cross-Border EU16 represents a turnover of € 95 billion for 2018, that is 22.8% of total e-commerce.

13 Mar: Press release: Top 500 Cross-Border Retail Europe

Brussels, March 14th 2019. Cross-Border Commerce Europe, the platform that activates cross-border eCommerce in Europe, releases a major research covering and ranking the 500 strongest European players with a focus on cross-border performance. Total online EU cross-border market represents a turnover of €95 billions in 2018 (excluding travel). A research team has been working on this analysis for 6 months. In the first edition of the "Top 500 Cross-Border Retail Europe", which covers a total turnover of €36 billions, Germany’s Zalando takes the leading position.

28 Aug: Press Release: New platform to stimulate cross-border eCommerce in Europe: Cross-Border Commerce Europe

Brussels, 29th August 2018. Cross-Border Commerce Europe, the new network and knowledge platform, aims to stimulate eCommerce and omnichannel commerce in Europe. It is focused on all players in the sector (550 billion € turnover in Europe for 2017) having a scope covering at least three countries within the European Union. It is an initiative of Carine Moitier, Co-founder of BeCommerce (2005), supported by major players from each country such as Carrefour (F), Ikea (S) Wijnvoordeel (NL), Marks & Spencer (UK), Massimo Dutti (ES), Pupa (I), Vente-Exclusive (B), Galeria Kaufhof (D), Nespresso (CH).