Luxembourg, Ireland and Austria are the champions for Cross-Border eCommerce in Europe


Luxembourg, Ireland and Austria are the champions for Cross-Border eCommerce in Europe according to a new Cross-Border Commerce Europe’s analysis.

Brussels – June 21, 2019. Cross-Border Commerce Europe, the platform that stimulates cross-border eCommerce in Europe, launches an eRank research for 16 countries within Europe. Luxembourg, Ireland and Austria rank in the top 3. The rising market share of Cross-Border EU16 represents a turnover of € 95 billion for 2018, that is 22.8% of total e-commerce.

4 criteria determine Cross-Border countries’ eRanking:

1) cross-border turnover,
2) related online market share,
3) consumer confidence,
4) percentage of Cross-Border web visitors.

Criteria for cross-border turnover and market share
The top 5 countries by market share are: Luxembourg, Ireland, Austria, Portugal and Denmark. This means, that for Luxembourg, Cross-Border eCommerce share is 71% compared to the total online trade.
In absolute sales figures, the United Kingdom scored € 22.7 billion; Germany and France scored also amongst the largest. Impact of Brexit will only become tangible in 2020.

Cross-Border criteria from consumer’s perspective
The top 5 countries with the highest consumer confidence in Cross-Border ecommerce are: Ireland, Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium and the United Kingdom. This means that Irish trust the most (76%) in Cross-Border eCommerce.
The top 5 countries with a higher than average % Cross-Border web visitors are; Luxembourg, Denmark, Austria, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Luxembourgers have the highest number of Cross-Border webshop visitors with 38%, while the European average is 28%.

In 2018 Cross-border e-commerce revenues (including travel) reached € 137 billions in Europe; an increase of 13.2% compared to 2017. The cross-border share of total online sales in Europe (EU16) is 22.8%.

The biggest challenges for consumers to order online across borders are speed in terms of delivery, incorrectly delivered goods, damaged items and the related return policy.

eRank: Luxembourg as Cross-Border Top 1
The top 3 of the European countries that, both from consumer’s perception as from “buying online across borders”: Luxembourg, Ireland and Austria.
Luxembourg scores in 2nd place for Cross-Border trust level, in 1st place for number of Cross-Border web visitors and Cross-Border market share. “Luxembourg is the absolute Cross-Border eRank country winner, with consumers eagerly ordering on large platforms such as Zalando, Asos, Veepee, FNAC and Amazon. 40% of Cross-Border purchases are clothing, shoes and accessories.“, says Carine Moitier.
Belgium (eRank 8) scores well in terms of consumer confidence in online Cross-Border eCommerce, but this is not yet spontaneously converted into cross-border purchases. Belgium accounts for € 2.2 billion of Cross-Border sales for a market share of 25%. Across the border, Belgians mainly buy on Zalando, Zara, H&M, Amazon, Wish and AliExpress, as well as from our northern neighbours. The Netherlands (eRank 16), on the other hand, is an even smaller and the smallest Cross-Border country with only 15% with € 3 billion; reason for this is the large selection of dutch webshops such as, Coolblue, Wehkamp ….

“I want to thank the partners (Worldline, Oney, OneyTrust, … to name the online payment specialists) and the members of Cross-Border Commerce Europe for their incentive for this new research. It will stimulate the sector within the 16 European countries”, concludes Carine Moitier, founder of


About Cross-Border Commerce Europe

Cross-Border Commerce Europe is the European network and knowledge platform for all eCommerce and omnichannel players present in at least three countries in Europe. brings the various players into contact with each other so that they can increase their visibility, gather the knowledge of figures, discover trends and particularities of the different European countries. Its members consist of brands and distributors of all sizes, and the partners are the suppliers of services in all areas of innovative trade.

For more informations, concrete testimonials or interviews, you can contact:

Carine Moitier
Founder Cross-Border Commerce Europe
Mobile: +32 473 26 05 61

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