First edition of the “Top 100 Consumer Electronics Retail Europe”

Cross-Border Commerce Europe Unveils Inaugural “Top 100 Consumer Electronics Retail Europe” Ranking

Brussels, 27th June 2024. Cross-Border Commerce Europe, a leading platform for promoting cross-border e-commerce across Europe, proudly presents the first edition of the “Top 100 Consumer Electronics Retail Europe.” This annual ranking showcases the top 100 online retailers in the consumer electronics sector. This comprehensive study, supported by ChannelEngine, identifies and ranks the leading cross-border online consumer electronics retailers and marketplaces in Europe.

The consumer electronics market has faced challenges due to post-Covid macroeconomic downturns and inflationary pressures driven by geopolitical tensions, including the Ukrainian and Israeli conflicts. Despite stabilisation in 2023, the consumer electronics retail market in Europe (both online and offline) is expected to grow marginally by 1.25% annually, increasing from €202 billion today to €210 billion by 2025. On average, consumer electronics retailers generate nearly half of their revenue from the 3C product category (Computers, Communication and Consumer Electronics), with the remainder coming from white goods and household appliances.

The European online consumer electronics market is currently valued at €90 billion and is projected to reach €107 billion by 2025, marking a 19% increase. This growth is driven by retailers and C2C marketplaces specialising in the resale of used and refurbished electronics. By 2025, half of the total revenue in the EU consumer electronics market (€107 billion out of €210 billion) will be generated through online sales, with 52% of this amount (€55.5 billion) attributed to cross-border trade.

Representing 11% of total online retail sales across all categories, the €90 billion online consumer electronics market holds the second-largest market share, following the leading fashion sector, which accounts for 15%.


Ranking of Key Players in Consumer Electronics

This report ranks Consumer Electronics sellers based on several factors: online revenue, online market share, in-company online market share, cross-border visits and sales, marketplace GMV, pure or hybrid marketplaces, subcategory focus (e.g., telephony), business models (B2C, C2C, B2B), level of recommerce, web conversion, SEO relevance, pan-European brand strategies, management by global parent companies and multichannel retail (both online and offline) channels.


Top 100 Online Cross-Border Consumer Electronics Retailers

For 2023, the market size of the Top 100 is €45 billion, representing a 50% market share of the total Consumer Electronics Market Volume of €90 billion. This cross-border share is projected to increase to 52% in 2025 and 58% in 2026.


Online Market Share

The average online market share of the Top 100 retailers and marketplaces is 0.43% of the total €90 billion online turnover. Amazon leads with an 18% share, followed by Apple at 4.7% and eBay at 4.5%.


Detailed Insights on the Top 100

  • Average cross-border turnover in the EU: €291 million.
  • Highest turnover: Amazon with €16.2 billion.
  • Monthly average cross-border visitors: 6.6 million (total for Top 100: 720 million), with 53% of visitors being cross-border.
  • Leading product category: Telephony.


TOP 3: Amazon – eBay – OLX Group

Amazon dominates with €16.2 billion in online consumer electronics sales, capturing one-fifth of the market share. Its largest sales segment is Computers/Consumer Electronics, accounting for more than one-quarter (27.5%) of its revenue. eBay generates €4 billion from consumer electronics, representing 16.4% of its total sales. Approximately 15% of OLX Group’s listings are in used mobile and electronics.


Powerful Retail Associations

Euronics International (ranked 22nd) and Expert International (ranked 30th) play crucial roles in supporting 14,000 independent consumer electronics retailers across Europe. They collaborate through the European Consumer Electronics Retail Council (EuCER), a non-profit association founded by Aires, E-Square, Euronics International, Expert International and Unieuro.


Telephony Market Leaders: Apple (#5) and Samsung (#6)

Apple (ranked 5th) and Samsung (ranked 6th) collectively hold a 6% market share in online consumer electronics, totalling €5.4 billion. Apple achieves 38% of its sales through direct channels (Apple Stores and online), with 62% through indirect channels. Samsung leads the mobile phone segment with a 35% market share, followed closely by Apple at 33%, while Xiaomi has declined to 15%.


Marketplaces: Hybrid and Pure

By 2025, marketplaces are expected to account for half of the online consumer electronics trade, up from nearly 40% in 2023. Pure players dominate, with 64 in total (including 16 C2C marketplaces), generating a cross-border turnover of €26 billion out of a total online turnover of €34.6 billion. Marketplaces are thus significant drivers of cross-border trade.


Channel Analysis

Pure-Player sellers represent the biggest channel at 62% (including 44% marketplaces, of which 16% are C2C), followed by retailers accounting for 21%, brand manufacturers comprising 12% and mail order companies holding a 4% share. There are three major independent retailer associations driving the market.


Top 10 Holdings and Parent Companies

  • Ceconomy: As the leading Consumer Electronics retailer holding in Europe, Ceconomy operates MediaMarkt (ranked 29th) and Saturn (ranked Challenger). It also holds a 25% stake in FNAC (ranked 71st) and DARTY (ranked Challenger), powering 2,000 stores and 80 online shops.
  • Currys PLC: Consolidating all its UK brands under the Currys umbrella, including Currys (ranked Challenger). It holds a majority stake in Elkjøp, Elgiganten (ranked 41st), and Kotsovolos.
  • The United-b Group: This group powers Boulanger, Electrodepot (ranked Challenger), Hifi-International, Krëfel, Recommerce (ranked 59th), Reconomia, and Circular-X.
  • Mobilux: A subsidiary of XXXLutz, Mobilux operates BUT and Conforama (ranked 96th).
  • Chal-tec: The company owns Klarstein (ranked 24th) and Electronic Star (ranked 30th).
  • Hubert Burda Media Group: This group includes Computeruniverse (ranked 74th) and Cyberport (ranked Challenger).
  • LDLC Group: Operates (ranked 90th) and
  • Komplett Group: Runs NetOnNet (ranked 97th) and Komplett (ranked 66th).
  • Vendis Capital: Holds Kamera Express (ranked 75th).
  • Dustin Sverige AB: Operates Dustin (ranked 83rd) and Dustinhome (ranked 70th).


 The Growing Refurbished Consumer Electronics Market

Scope: Consumer Electronics and E-Waste

Smartphones accounted for approximately 11% of global e-waste in 2022. Green is gold: refurbished electronics are key to green consumption.

Key Figures: Consumer Electronics and Telephony

In 2023, the Consumer Electronics ReCommerce market (online, valued at €7.7 billion) held an 8.6% share of the total online Consumer Electronics market. This share is expected to grow to 11% by 2025, representing a 50% increase in turnover and an annual growth rate of 15% for refurbished Consumer Electronics.

Focus Smartphone Consumer Electronics Subcategory

The EU27 + UK smartphone market is valued at €80 billion in 2023, accounting for 40% of the total Consumer Electronics telephony market. ReCommerce, which includes used and refurbished smartphones, represents €5.8 billion, making up 75% of the total Consumer Electronics ReCommerce market. This figure is projected to rise to €8.6 billion by 2025, marking a 50% increase.

Used or refurbished phones hold a 7.25% market share (€5.8 billion out of €80 billion) and are expected to grow to 10.2% by 2025 (€6.8 billion out of €84 billion) and 15% by 2030. By then, on average, one in six smartphones will be refurbished.

Top Players in the Refurbished Market Newegg – Refurbed – reBuy – MPB 

Refurbed (ranked 20th) and reBuy (ranked 78th) are European online C2C marketplaces facilitating the buying and selling of used, renewed, and refurbished electronics and media. Newegg is ranked 30th, and MPB 49th.

Newcomers: – Asgoodasnew, ranked 59th, is a European pioneer specialising in the buyback, refurbishment and sale of high-tech products, particularly smartphones. Asgoodasnew, based in Germany, is ranked 69th. This company, founded in 2008, is a leader in the European circular economy for premium consumer electronics.

Global Inspirations: ATrenew – Xfurbish – Reebelo – Cashify

China, India and the US host leading marketplaces for refurbished tech and sustainable lifestyle products.

Marketplaces for Used and Refurbished Consumer Electronics

Back Market (France, ranked 27th): Operating in 16 countries, Back Market is the world’s leading dedicated marketplace for renewed tech. Swappie (Finland, ranked 14th): An end-to-end online marketplace for buying and selling refurbished iPhones, Swappie purchases used devices from both individuals and companies, operating in 15 countries.

Recycled Consumer Electronics

Creating a fully recycled phone remains a significant challenge, even for industry giants like Samsung and Apple. While these companies have increased the use of recycled materials in their products, the goal of producing phones entirely from recycled components is still distant.

Approximately 4 million tons of Consumer Electronics are disposed of annually in the EU, with about 36% being recycled. Samsung and Apple, the world’s largest smartphone manufacturers, are both intensifying their use of recycled materials. Samsung aims to incorporate recycled resin into 100% of the plastics in its products by 2050. In 2022, nearly a fifth of all materials used in Apple products were recycled, with the company striving to eventually manufacture iPhones entirely from recycled materials.


I am grateful to our market research team and our partner, ChannelEngine, for this inaugural edition of the ‘Top 100 Consumer Electronics Retail Europe’ report. This initiative enhances transparency in the online consumer electronics sector across Europe and stimulates cross-border growth for the entire industry,” concludes Carine Moitier, Founder of CBCommerce.EU.


infographic consumer electronics


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