TOP 16 Cross-Border EU Countries 2022

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TOP 16 Cross-Border EU Countries 2022


Digital Country Focus and Country Score report

This digital country report consists of two main pillars:

  1. Country focus
  2. Country score

Both will rank the EU16 countries. The country focus is merely a consumer’s view cross-border approach. Including here is the consumer’s confidence in cross-border, number of cross-border visitors, consumer’s challenges etc. The country score is more a business supporting approach. Which country created a fertile playground for e-commerce webshops and marketplaces to explode?

Country Focus: Consumer’s view

The results from the 2021 eRank country research for 16 countries within Europe, show Luxembourg, Ireland and Austria rank in the top 3, stable over the last 4 editions. The rising market share of Cross-Border EU16 represents a turnover of €171,2 billion for 2021, representing 26,8% of total e-commerce.

Four primary weighted criteria determine cross-border countries’ eRanking:

  1. Cross-border turnover,
  2. Related online market share,
  3. Consumer confidence,
  4. Percentage of cross-border web visitors.

Country Score: Business perspective

This study of European Cross-border e-commerce is a data collection calculating the eRank performance of each European country. The ranking of the 10 best cross-border countries is obtained by the following weighted parameters:
  • TOP 500 rank, marketplaces, pure players, position, top10 of Cross-Border webshops in the TOP 500 EU Retail Europe Ranking:
    » Webshops in the TOP 500
    » Cumulated position from the first 3 listed webshops in the TOP 500
    » Number of webshops in top10 from the TOP 500
    » Number of marketplaces in TOP 500
    » Number of pure players in the TOP 500
  • Population size
  • Internet penetration rate
  • Webshop habits
  • Quality of the hosting network
  • State of the banking & PSP system
  • Security level on the web
  • B2B e-commerce
  • Number of webshops / country
  • Weight and strategy of e-commerce investments
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