oney: our talents bring clients’โ€‹ & retailers’โ€‹ projects to life with innovative payment & financial solutions.

oney-logoWe are a different and unique bank with roots in commerce, and we expand internationally. Guided by our values of Freedom, Respect, and Enthusiasm, we continue to reinvent money daily. At Oney, we have a different vision of financing and payment solutions: more modern, sustainable, and, most of all, humane.

Partner in the transformation of commerce in Europe, our thousands of talents support our thousands of merchant partners and our millions of customers worldwide in pursuing their projects.

Creators and leaders of split payment in France, Oney stands in 5 European markets with this fully digital, omnichannel, and unique offer on the market. Because what drives us is the capacity to give everyone the power to improve their daily lives and consume better, in line with their wants, personalities, and beliefs. Oney, Your money, your way. Want to know more about us?

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