Seven Senders is the leading platform for cross-border parcel delivery in Europe and supports retailers in successfully implementing their growth and internationalization plans.

The company was founded in Berlin in 2015 and now has offices in 5 European countries and 280+ employees. Seven Senders takes over the organization and implementation of cross-border parcel deliveries for retailers of all kinds, optimizing shipping to France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and other European countries for companies such as ASOS or Tamaris.

Whether the focus is on speed or cost, Seven Senders offers direct access to Europe’s best local carriers (La Poste Colissimo, Bartolini, Post AT, Royal Mail, etc.) and is responsible for the daily end-to-end supply chain from the warehouse to the customer.

As a one-stop solution, retailers can access various additional services, from a plug-and-play label solution and EU-wide digital claim management to analytics and tracking tools. Of course, each parcel can also be shipped climate neutral with #7SGreen. So, if you value offering your customers a local shipping experience to increase conversion and retention while optimizing costs, there’s no way around Seven Senders.