Webinar – June 10th 2022, 2PM CEST

Allegro can help you to find a new market of 21 million customers

Established in 1999, Allegro has since helped Poles discover the world of e-commerce, had a chance to learn the specifics of the Polish market, adjust to the changing environment, and help shape Polish e-commerce through innovation.

They became one of the TOP 10 largest online marketplaces globally and are the most trusted consumer brand in Poland. These results allow us to serve 21 million customers shopping on our platform every month! However, what we are the proudest of is 86% of internet users in Poland saying that Allegro is their favorite shopping destination. Thanks to our loyal customers, we can confidently call ourselves the most beloved e-commerce platform in Poland.

Join Allegro’s webinar on June 10th – 2.00-2.30PM CEST:
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