TOP 500 EU Retailers Cross-Border Analysis Report 2022


What is the content of TOP 500 EU Cross-Border analysis?

This digital report is a comprehensive compilation of cross-border e-commerce data from websites of European retailers. The ranking is obtained by the ponderation of 4 primary parameters:

  • Cross-Border web sales within Europe
  • SEO cross-border performance indicators
  • Cross-border country score
  • Percentage of cross-border visits from total website visitors

The study focuses on European retailers having online or omnichannel sales. More specifically retailers based in Western Europe and Scandinavia EU16 and their relative sales within EU16.
The research team analyzes key trends in retail, collects and updates website traffic data to identify all EU16 brands selling to European consumers. Key data has been gathered in this comprehensive analysis report.

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top500 EU retailers 2022
TOP 500 EU Retailers Cross-Border Analysis Report 2022


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