Sustainability Blue Paper

Sustainability Blue Paper


The Sustainability digital Blue Paper is the result of 6 round table brainstorming sessions gathering international C-level executives representing all sectors and EU countries.

The chairman guided them with his academic and consulting experience in order to create this digital Blue Paper. This inclusive and transparent group believes that we are stronger when we work together, and it collaborates closely with the European Commission and Parliament to develop this set of recommendations.

The aim of this blue paper is to develop, catalyse and support solution for the NEXT shopping experience.

CBCommercenext© Sustainability Blue paper

A 20-page digital Blue Paper compiled by each High Level Group summarizes the learnings and recommendations bringing insights and best practices cases as stimulation for radical innovation and tangible action in the European e-commerce industry. The views expressed by those Retail executives are their own take-aways and do not necessarily reflect the official positions of their companies.

You will find hereunder d first learning wrapped up by the Chairwoman:


Valérie Tiersen

“As the EU is putting strict legislation in place to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, companies will be required to step up or to be penalized. Retailers need to discover a multi-criteria measure of the environmental performance of a good or service throughout its life cycle. A pragmatic approach should be implemented taking into account both climate change and decline in ecosystems and biodiversity”

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