Press Release – Top 100 Cross-Border Marketplaces Europe. An annual analysis of the best global cross-border platforms operating in Europe, EU 28 including UK

Brussels, 24 September 2020. Cross-Border Commerce Europe, the platform that drives cross-border eCommerce in Europe, launches a study that maps the 100 best global Marketplaces in the sector with a zoom-in on their cross-border performance in Europe. The total cross-border e-commerce market in Europe (EU 28) represents a turnover of €143 billion in 2019 (excluding travel), of which € 84 billions, or 59%, is generated by Marketplaces. Amazon has the lion’s share there with a turnover of €32 billion in 2019, which is almost a quarter of the market, up 18,5% compared to 2018. Marketplaces with European capital, led by Vinted, G2A, Farfetch and Zalando represent 11% of market, which grew by 17% compared to 2018. It is expected that in 2025, Marketplaces will represent 65% of cross-border online sales in Europe. A study carried out by CBCommerce with support from FedEX Express and Worldline.

The “Top 100 Cross-Border Marketplaces operating in Europe” is a compilation of cross-border data of European Marketplaces websites. The ranking is based on four parameters:

  • Cross-border online sales in Europe (28 countries in Europe including UK)
  • SEO indicators for cross-border performance
  • A cross-border score determined on the number of covered countries
  • Number and percentage of cross-border visits

There are four additional weighted parameters that refining the ranking:

  • Type of Marketplaces’ business models (B2B – B2C – P2P – C2C – …)
  • Pan-European Marketplaces’ brand strategies
  • AI & Big Data Marketplaces’ strategies
  • Type and number of services offered to the Marketplaces’ customers

This study takes into account all types-B2C, B2B, C2C, P2P- of online platforms and covers all sectors except travel.

The TOP 10 Global Cross-Border Marketplaces operating in Europe is made up of:

– Top 1: Amazon (US)
– Top 2 : eBay (US)
– Top 3: AliExpress (China)
– Top 4: Etsy (US)
– Top 5: Discogs (US)
– Top 6: Wish (US)
– Top 7: Vinted (Lituania)
– Top 8: G2A (Poland)
– Top 9: Farfetch (UK)
– Top 10: Bandcamp (US)

The TOP 100 Marketplaces by type B2C, C2C, P2P and new models

Among the TOP 100 Marketplaces, 56% are B2C with Amazon, eBay and AliExpress in the Top 3; almost half have their own stock of products. 68% are “pure” Marketplaces that do not sell their products but only those of third parties like Discogs, Wish, Farfetch and Bandcamp. C2C Marketplaces represent 36% of this TOP 100, with English Depop and Bump as European leaders, Germans Hood, and Rebelle, Belgian Delcampe, French Vestiaire Collective and Dutch Marktplaats. Over 10% focusing on auctions like The Salesroom.

Second-hand goods are sold by 41% of this TOP 100, of which Vinted is the leader. A new type of Marketplaces is emerging in the C2C and P2P second-hand fashion industry with mobile apps like StockX, Depop and Grailed. Thanks to the Coronavirus, new shopping habits could spell the end of “fast fashion made in China”. This is the “Blue Planet” effect!

The emerging success of social media commerce platforms

Often thought of as social and content commerce, new platforms are breaking into the eCommerce scene. Consumers become influencers and interact with each other through a buy button on US platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Facebook. China is leading the way with mobile apps of which TikTok, launched in 2016, is the most popular.

The total market share of Global Marketplaces will grow from 59% to 65% in 2025:

° The market share of Global Marketplaces will grow from 59% to 65% in 2025. The Coronavirus pandemic is boosting cross-border online shopping on Marketplaces. Indeed, consumers prefer these platforms for their frequent and repetitive orders. Most of them are “Prime” customers and therefore extremely loyal. Marketplaces often overtake brands and retailers in almost all dimensions of consumer preference. The quality of the product, its uniqueness, availability and price are the differentiating criteria. Consumers do their product research directly on these platforms before Google. Amazon will remain the leader in 2025 reaching €50 billion in revenue.

° “Pure” Marketplaces will increase from 68% to 75% market share in 2025.

By 2025, half of the top 100 Marketplaces will be C2C platforms. Ebay Europe, leader in this C2C segment is targeting €25 billion and has just celebrated its 25th anniversary at the beginning of September.

° It is estimated that by 2025 the sale of second-hand items will be 1.5 times greater than that of fast fashion and will represent 13% of the average wardrobe. Millennials and Gen Z are driving this growth, with 18-37 year old buying 2.5 times more than other age groups. The C2C share of used goods will drop from 41% to 50%.

The European Commission and the European Parliament have published a proposal for new legislation to make online platforms more transparent. New EU rules force online platforms to take several additional steps, including revising their terms and conditions, establishing a data policy and creating a complaint handling system- a helping hand to stimulate sales and purchases on Marketplaces.

I would like to thank our market research partners FedEx Express and Worldline who, with our research team, put all their energy behind the first edition of this eagerly awaited study. It makes the best Marketplaces operating in Europe transparent and stimulates this entire sector”, concludes Carine Moitier, the founder of

top 100 marketplaces in europe

About Cross-Border Commerce Europe
Cross-Border Commerce Europe is the European network and knowledge platform for all eCommerce and omnichannel players present in at least three countries in Europe. connects the different actors with each other to increase visibility, share knowledge and figures, identify trends and specificities of each European country. Members of Cross-Border Commerce Europe are brands and retailers of all sizes. Partners are suppliers of services in all areas of trade.

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Das sind „TOP 100 Cross-Border Marketplaces Europe“, die weltweit besten Cross-Border-Plattformen, die in Europa agieren

Das sind „TOP 100 Cross-Border Marketplaces Europe“, die weltweit besten Cross-Border-Plattformen, die in Europa agieren

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