New platform to stimulate cross-border eCommerce in Europe: Cross-Border Commerce Europe


Brussels, 29th August 2018. Cross-Border Commerce Europe, the new network and knowledge platform, aims to stimulate eCommerce and omnichannel commerce in Europe. It is focused on all players in the sector (550 billion € turnover in Europe for 2017) having a scope covering at least three countries within the European Union. It is an initiative of Carine Moitier, Co-founder of BeCommerce (2005), supported by major players from each country such as Carrefour (F), Ikea (S) Wijnvoordeel (NL), Marks & Spencer (UK), Massimo Dutti (ES), Pupa (I), Vente-Exclusive (B), Galeria Kaufhof (D), Nespresso (CH).

The new Cross-Border Commerce Europe platform arose from a simple finding: today there are several European eCommerce associations in close proximity to the European Commission and the European Parliament, but their reach is usually oriented towards lobbying activities. Markets today demand a new approach for companies selling online to consumers or businesses, regardless of whether they are “pure players” or “omnichannel”. From the beginning, has been positioned “bottom-up” to listen to distributors and international brands. The platform is also aimed at European SMEs wanting to accelerate growth and gather eCommerce intelligence country by country within Europe.

Cross-border eCommerce in Europe is complex and requires both a local and global approach to three pillars: e-regulation (GDPR, …); e-logistics (harmonized European label, …) and e-payment (PSD2, …). Distributors nowadays want to strengthen their European positions against an ever more present Amazon. They favor neighboring countries rather than expanding in China or the US, from where many players came back disappointed. For the English actors, Brexit is a threat and drives a regained interest for Europe.

Every eCommerce player present in at least three countries in Europe can join Cross-Border Commerce Europe to become a member or partner and enjoy a bunch of seven services in 2018. A specific focus will be on the figures, including the launch of a “Top 500 Retail Europe”. This will provide an overview of the top 500 European players in the sector with a zoom on their cross-border performance. One of the main objectives of the platform is to bring actors together, increase visibility, exchange best practices, and above all build strong business partnerships in Europe. In this context, on 26 October 2018 the first edition of the “C-Suite Dinner” will take place in Brussels in the presence of Alexander De Croo and Werner Stengg, Head of Unit “eCommerce & Marketplaces” at the European Commission.

I want to thank the first partners (Worldline, MyBank, Oney, SellSecure, … to quote the online payment specialists) as well as the first members of Cross-Border Commerce Europe who are fully committed to this new and highly anticipated initiative. It will stimulate the sector, both at the level of startups as large players, to strongly foster online sales within Europe.“, concludes Carine Moitier, founder of


About Cross-Border Commerce Europe

Cross-Border Commerce Europe is the European network and knowledge platform for all eCommerce and omnichannel players present in at least three countries in Europe. brings the different actors in contact with each other to increase visibility, share knowledge and figures, discover trends and specificities of each European country. Cross-Border Commerce Europe platform also assembles insights on dossiers covered by the European Commission and European Parliament regarding e-regulation (GDPR, …), e-logistics (harmonized parcel label, …) and e-payment (PSD2, …). Members of brands and distributors of all sizes and partners are service suppliers in all areas of innovative trade.

Video Interview with our Founder and Managing Director, Carine Moitier, on CanalZ

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Shopping online, MyBank aderisce a Cross-Border Commerce Europe

MyBank aderisce a Cross-Border Commerce Europe
MyBank aderisce a Cross-Border Commerce Europe, la nuova piattaforma per incrementare gli acquisti transfontalieri in Europa

MyBank aderisce a Cross-Border Commerce Europe, la nuova piattaforma per incrementare gli acquisti transfontalieri in Europa

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Shopping online, MyBank aderisce a Cross-Border Commerce Europe

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