What the future of TikTok means for retail

what the future of tiktok means for retail | What the future of TikTok means for retail Brands should be prepared to pivot their marketing efforts if the platform is banned or acquired. When e.l.f. Cosmetics decided last year to experiment with TikTok, the beauty brand went in without preconceived notions around how the platform was going to work for the company, Gayitri Budhraja, vice president of brand at e.l.f. Cosmetics, said. 
Before the company had a formal presence on TikTok, the e.l.f. Cosmetics hashtag had 3 million organic views on the platform, a sign that a community of users would be interested in the brand, Budhraja said. When the brand launched its Eyes Lips Face campaign last October, it did so with the hope of reaching a billion views, a milestone the company exceeded within three days, Budhraja said.  Read more…

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