Unlocking the mysteries of the connected shopping journey

unlocking the mysteries of the connected shopping journey | Unlocking the mysteries of the connected shopping journeyWhereas a problematic data gap existed between shoppers’ digital and physical shopping journeys, RetailNext’s new Connected Journey product extension now delivers to retailers enhanced connected journey analytics, better insights on what marketing programs are driving traffic and conversion, and data to best connect personalized messaging to shoppers who desire it. If there’s one certainty related to retail today, it’s that the shopping journey has evolved to be almost unrecognizable from just a few years ago. Shoppers have near full visibility to product and service information, peer reviews and more, all, literally, in the palms of their hands. Moreover, they have a nearly unlimited number of global alternatives in which to shop, and this connectivity follows them throughout their shopping journeys, including those with brick-and-mortar touchpoints.   Read more…

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