Shaping the consumer of the future

shaping the consumer of the future | Shaping the consumer of the future Covid-19 has changed the developed markets of Europe and the US more quickly and more dramatically than what would have been imaginable during the early weeks of 2020. It has changed how and where people spend their time, what they think and feel, and it has spurred massive shifts in what people buy and how they buy it.
For years, we have continuously monitored shifts in consumer behavior across the world to help consumer goods companies get out ahead of these evolving changes. Now, as Covid-19 has forced potentially dramatic new directions in consumption, we have regularly checked the pulse on how consumer attitudes and behaviors are evolving around the world. As part of our ongoing research, we have partnered with Dynata, a leading first-party data and insights platform, to survey on a quarterly basis nearly 9,500 consumers in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Sweden. Read more…

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