Retail apps: Why consumers download, use and delete

retail apps why consumers download use and delete | Retail apps: Why consumers download, use and delete63% of the U.S. population over the age of 15 have downloaded a retail app.† The average adult has two retail apps on their phone at any given time. Why people download apps
What are the driving forces causing customers to download retail apps? According to our study,† the top reason people downloaded an app was because they frequently shop at the brand—51% said they downloaded an app for this reason. Our study shows that the most loyal customers are the best targets for an app. The second reason was to make a purchase, at 48%, followed by the desire to browse and compare prices, at 37%. So, for a retail app to be successful, it should easily enable customers to buy and browse products. These are driving factors for customers to download an app. Read more…

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