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25 Jul: Most EU businesses ignore cross border ecommerce opportunities

PPRO Group reveals only 7% of enterprises are successfully selling to other EU markets online. Figures have shown that the Netherlands (23%), Hungary (21%), and the Czech Republic (21%) are some of the fastest growing e-commerce markets in terms of percentage growth. The findings also showed that mature markets such as Portugal, France and Germany have also seen high growth in e-commerce payments at 16%, while the UK e-commerce market grew by 15%. But only 7% of EU businesses sell cross-border within the union, according to Eurostat, despite the benefits offered by the single market, and despite the fact that 33% of EU online shoppers have bought something from an online merchant from another European country.

Reverse-charge mechanism: the B2B tax move you need to know
25 Jul: Reverse-charge mechanism: the B2B tax move you need to know

How does the reverse-charge mechanism work? The reverse-charge mechanism is a B2B tax maneuver that you need to know, especially if you’re selling digital products around the world. It’s a common practice in VAT and GST schemes, where the consumption tax is added step-by-step throughout the production process.
And since this is a key part of digital tax compliance, we’ve laid it…

24 Jul: The state of online shopping fraud

Russian hackers and trolls received all the media attention but China and Venezuela were the sources of the most overseas e-commerce fraud attacks in 2017, according to new Experian data. Millions of online transactions were analyzed to identify fraud attacks on online transactions across the U.S for the 2017 E-commerce Fraud report. Online shopping fraud attacks rose 30% in 2017 vs. 2016, and transactions originating from a foreign Internet Protocol (IP) address were about 7 times riskier than average. An IP address is a unique set of numbers used to identify individual digital devices, allowing them to communicate with other devices on a network.

Carrefour partners with Google for digital push
20 Jul: Carrefour partners with Google for digital push

Carrefour has signed a strategic partnership with Google to open up new ways of reaching customers online and accelerate a long-awaited digital transformation of the world’s second-largest retailer by revenues. The French company said it was partnering with the US tech group on a “new grocery shopping experience” that from early 2019 will allow its customers to buy Carrefour products…

Google issues updated GDPR guidance to publishers on how to gain consent from users
20 Jul: Google issues updated GDPR guidance to publishers on how to gain consent from users

Google has updated its cookie guidance resource, CookieChoices, to include new tips and suggestions to advertisers and publishers in advance of the May 25 deadline for enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR). GDPR is a sweeping set of rules governing the handling of European Union (EU) members’ personal data. The updates follow a March AdWords blog post…