NRF 2019 – Reviving retail’s roots in relationship: A Fortune 500 exec’s perspective

nrf 2019 reviving retails roots in relationship a fortune 500 execs perspective | NRF 2019 - Reviving retail's roots in relationship: A Fortune 500 exec's perspective Heather Larabee, a former Whole Foods Market executive and current VP of Marketing at GoSpotCheck, explores the transformation of relationship in retail. 1. Where do you see the intersection of humanity and technology in the retail customer experience?
In retailers who balance tech-enabled and human experiences and invest in technology that frees up team members to express their humanity in person with customers. They’re offering omni-channel experiences in-store, online, in eCommerce, on social, and in paid and earned, with personalization driven by AI and voice, to create deep customization and convenience for customers and an easier path to purchase along with inspiring service. Read more…

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