Lessons from ecommerce: Digital marketing for brick-and-mortar

lessons from ecommerce digital marketing for brick and mortar | Lessons from ecommerce: Digital marketing for brick-and-mortar The digital marketing playbook for ecommerce businesses is very effective. The same playbook has been less effective for brick-and-mortar retailers, despite the fact that shopper conversion (conversion of visit to actual purchase) is actually 4-8x higher for brick-and-mortar retailers. 
What’s missing for real-world retailers is something like the cookie and the pixel to better understand consumer actions and deliver relevant advertising. Pixels are blocks of code placed in website code that “fire” when a user visits a page. Cookies store info about website visits and preferences. Together, they are responsible for detailed data on customer actions that can be used to drive highly-targeted, and effective, digital marketing. Read more…

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