Influencers are putting up paywalls. What does that mean for brands?

influencers are putting up paywalls what does that mean for brands | Influencers are putting up paywalls. What does that mean for brands?Influencers are charging fans for a more intimate social media experience, calling the future of brand partnerships into question. Caroline Calloway, a 28-year-old internet personality known for her lengthy Instagram captions, and, more recently, the controversy surrounding her workshops and her relationship with Natalie Beach, started offering her 717,000 Instagram followers the option to sign up for paid access to her “Close Friends” list in August 2019. She decided the content on her Instagram was personal enough to warrant paying for. “What I do provides value and I should be compensated for that service, just like anyone else,” says Calloway. “A stranger is not entitled to consume what I make, just as I am not entitled to reap the benefits of whatever job they are employed at.” Read more…

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