Embracing the digital transformation of the path to purchase

embracing the digital transformation of the path to purchase | Embracing the digital transformation of the path to purchase The pandemic was a year of recalibration. Throughout 2020, companies reorganized their operations to allow for safer shopping experiences and expanded to new shopping formats. But while some organizations experienced a strong at-home economy, not all companies were able to make it.
While there has been great uncertainty, digital adoption and growth rates have been growing at an unprecedented pace. People are living more of their lives online than ever before, and businesses and consumers have leaned into this on the path forward as they prepare their teams to be ready for what’s next. For good reason too, as nearly half (42%) of more than 4,000 consumers surveyed in a recent Google/BCG study in January 2021 reported they had purchased online between October and December 2020.  This has held steady, with 42% reporting online purchases between March and September 2020, according to a separate survey and study of more than 6,000 consumers, indicating that this shift has lasting power. Read more…

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