DTC beauty brands double down on cross-category collabs

dtc beauty brands double down on cross category collabs | DTC beauty brands double down on cross-category collabs From plants to meal kits, beauty and personal care brands are forging Instagram alliances with labels across the DTC world. With new DTC beauty startups joining the market practically every week, brands have been turning to like-minded partners across categories as a cost-effective way to build brand awareness, social engagement and sales. 
“We are constantly doing brand partnerships, whether cross-promotion or Instagram giveaways,” said Sarah Moret, founder and CEO of 2-year-old body-care brand Curie. Curie participated in multiple cross-category collaborations last year, including a giveaway with DTC plant startup Lively Root in December. “Our brands are very adjacent and share similar customers,” said Moret. The brand also hosted a January 19 “detox-themed” Zoom media event with Lively Root to promote the launch of its new clay detox mask for armpits. Lively Root supported the detox theme through highlighting the air purification abilities of plants. Read more…

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