Big brands make their debut on Instagram Reels

big brands make their debut on instagram reels | Big brands make their debut on Instagram Reels Major brands including Dunkin, Sephora, Red Bull, Maybelline and Louis Vuitton have already made their debut on Instagram Reels, the platform’s TikTok-style feature, with Maybelline’s video starring model and influencer Nikkie De Jager, who lip-synced to the brand’s jingle while applying makeup. Facebook-owned Instagram wants to create the next hot social media craze with Reels, drawing on the interest in TikTok, the Chinese-owned app that is in trouble in the U.S. The key to Reels’ success is how well it caters to young talent, and the brands that keep those creators in business. Brands aren’t necessarily the target demo, but they can’t resist the allure of a new video service that claims to appeal to young consumers. Read more…

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