A step by step guide to building a micro-influencer marketing strategy

a step by step guide to building a micro influencer marketing strategy | A step by step guide to building a micro-influencer marketing strategy What is a micro-influencer, and why should you choose to go this direction with your influencer marketing strategy? In this blog, we’ll dig into who micro-influencers are, why they can be an effective strategy for your brand and give you a step-by-step guide on how to leverage them for your content marketing.
Micro-influencers are categorized as everyday people with modest social media followings of about 1K-5K followers. Brands are increasingly turning to these influencer groups because they are more authentic and relatable to consumers, garnering much higher engagement than their traditional influencer counterparts who have bigger follower counts. Because they’re seen as up-and-coming influencers with niche audiences and not as internet celebrities living unattainable lifestyles, micro-influencers have a more genuine connection with smaller, yet more highly engaged audiences—meaning their endorsement carries more weight with consumers. Read more…

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