7 Micro-influencer trends for 2020

7 micro influencer trends for 2020 | 7 Micro-influencer trends for 2020 By now, your brand has likely moved beyond the narrow definition of an “influencer” as a celebrity personality with millions of followers. Assuming your organization is engaged in influencer marketing at all, you likely have begun to leverage micro-influence—followings in niche areas relevant to your target audience.
Influencer marketing platform SocialPubli has released a study after surveying nearly 3,000 micro-influencers (here, defined as influencers with less than 10,000 followers) across Europe, North and South America. The micro-influencers surveyed create content for industries including fashion, food, beauty, travel and fitness. Respondents weighed in on their top platforms, shared their criteria for partnering with brands and offered up their predictions and biggest challenges. Read more…

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