5 ‘Tiny noticeable things’ guaranteed to build customer loyalty

5 tiny noticeable things guaranteed to build customer loyalty | 5 ‘Tiny noticeable things’ guaranteed to build customer loyalty If you’re looking to build customer loyalty, there’s no simpler nor effective way of doing it then by fully utilizing what I call TNTs, “tiny, noticeable things.” They’re all the little things that we don’t need to do, but when we do do them, they can have a seismic impact. They could be as small as a smile, as tiny as a “thank you,” remembering someone’s name, or perhaps recalling if they prefer their coffee with or without sugar. All little things, often overlooked that may cost nothing, yet they make and break relationships. They’re the difference between a four- and a five-star experience, and they’re the difference between a customer choosing, or not choosing, your brand over a competitor. Read more…

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