5 Influencer marketing tips marketers can learn from Amazon

5 influencer marketing tips marketers can learn from amazon | 5 Influencer marketing tips marketers can learn from Amazon Who has influence, in Amazon’s opinion? All Amazon customers. As such – how Amazon does influencer marketing is much different than how most marketers approach influencer marketing today. Where most brands are managing one or two word-of-mouth marketing programs on average (influencer, advocacy, referral and/or loyalty), Amazon is executing four, and then some. From Amazon’s Influencer Program to Amazon Prime, there’s a program for every Amazon customer that provides relevant opportunities for each to tell their world about Amazon products in the ways that are most influential – and it’s not mutually exclusive. Amazon is as much a bonafide, self-sustaining word-of-mouth machine as it is an e-commerce, search and advertising powerhouse. Read more…

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