20 Things Gen Z & Millennials want to buy in 2020

20 things gen z millennials want to buy in 2020 | 20 Things Gen Z & Millennials want to buy in 2020 Gen Z and Millennials current combined annual spending power is $3 trillion, according to YPulse’s data. Millennials have the more significant spending power, with an estimated $2.5 trillion, but Gen Z teens (13-18-year-olds) wield a massive yearly spending power of their own at $34 billion. And contrary to a popular narrative, these young consumers aren’t just killing products and companies. Already Millennials are outspending older consumers in many areas, and their buying preferences have the power to make or break industries, with travel, fast casual dining, houseplants, seltzer and skincare just a few of the industries they’ve been credited for boosting. Meanwhile, Gen Z is are influencing their households’ purchases at incredibly young ages, over half of 19-37-year-old parents say they are influenced by their kids’ request when purchasing items for them. Read more…

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