12 Ways consumers will pay and be paid in 2020

12 ways consumers will pay and be paid in 2020 | 12 Ways consumers will pay and be paid in 2020 Past is prologue. For the annual holiday exercise at PYMNTS (describing the 12 main or most exciting ways to pay in 2019), it is clear that what has happened this year will have big implications for the new decade. Here are the 2019 payment trends that made the biggest splash, and promise to make even bigger splashes in the new decade.
1: Voice — And Now, With Emotion Voice is the killer app of the connected commerce experience, according to the How We Will Pay: 2019 Edition study. For the third consecutive year, the use of voice-enabled devices and assistants to enable purchasing has increased faster than any other type of connected commerce. About 31 percent of consumers now own voice-activated devices, up from 27 percent in 2018 and 14 percent in 2017. By comparison, ownership of smart TVs has increased just 5 percent, and ownership of connected cars has increased 3 percent since 2018. The rise of voice is the big factor behind the rise of smart homes, where consumers are doing more commerce and payments. Read more…

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