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Re-invent customer engagement with AI and Digital

30 Jun: Re-invent customer engagement with AI and Digital

Improving customer experience and growing the bottom line are top post-pandemic business goals. There’s also been a 31% shift in the number of organisations actively targeting cost reductions compared to before COVID. Combining digital experience (DX) with AI automation has become a vital enabler. But how do you go about it? And what results can you realistically expect?
Drawing on the real-world…

Twitter partners with Shopify to bring merchants’ products to Twitter Shopping

29 Jun: Twitter partners with Shopify to bring merchants’ products to Twitter Shopping

As part of its ongoing efforts to expand into e-commerce, Twitter today announced a new partnership with Shopify. The deal will see Twitter launching a sales channel app that will be made available to all of Shopify’s U.S. merchants through its app store. The app allows merchants to onboard themselves to Twitter’s Shopping Manager, the dashboard offered by the social…

10 Common website navigation mistakes you must avoid

28 Jun: 10 Common website navigation mistakes you must avoid

Website navigation should be straightforward and intuitive. To achieve these traits, we outline ten common website navigation mistakes that you must avoid. Have you ever visited a website or online store, only to feel confused about where to find the information you need? Or worse, were you unable to perform the intended task, such as paying a bill online or buying a…

Cart abandonment vs checkout abandonment

27 Jun: Cart abandonment vs checkout abandonment

According to research conducted by Baymard Institute, $4.6 Trillion was lost by online businesses globally in 2021 due to Abandoned Carts and Abandoned Checkouts. Social media influencers, Google Ads, contests, sponsorships, there is no end to the creative methods an eCommerce business can employ to attract consumers to their site. There is also nothing more frustrating than experiencing an increase…

The importance of guest checkout

26 Jun: The importance of guest checkout

A $25B retailer replaced the “Register” button on their checkout page with a “Continue” button, essentially allowing shoppers to check out without registering a new account or logging into an existing one. Sales jumped 45% in that first week. Within a year, the company recorded a $300,000,000 bump in sales. 
This incredible story took place in 2009, a lot has changed…

The state and future of BNPL

25 Jun: The state and future of BNPL

For many consumers globally, the options for non-cash payments have traditionally been between credit and debit. However, the last decade has seen payment methods evolve significantly, particularly for ecommerce, including with the emergence of buy now, pay later (BNPL).
Also known as alternative financing at point of sale, BNPL first emerged a decade ago, with early entrants including Splitit and Affirm…

Brussels Belgium eCommerce

23 Jun: Cross-border eCommerce: Belgium ranked 5th in EU

In 2021, Belgium 🇧🇪 ranked fifth among European countries that are attractive from a consumer perspective in cross-border e-commerce – its consumers bought 37% more online abroad than in 2020. At Cross-Border Commerce Europe, we surveyed the 16 strongest European countries, focusing on their cross-border performance from a consumer perspective….

Eu Commissions wants to ban greenwashing in Europe

22 Jun: The EU Commission proposes new legislation to ban greenwashing and planned obsolescence

Nowadays, an increasing number of consumers tend to buy more responsibly. For this reason, even without substantial efforts toward sustainability, some companies adopt so-called greenwashing practices to make their products or services more appealing to these consumers. For example, these practices might consist in adding green labels – such as “organic”,…

Building a next generation live shopping experience

21 Jun: Building a next generation live shopping experience

As the shift to e-commerce continues, video will play an increasingly important role. Consumers want the convenience of researching and reviewing products online at home, but with the trusted guidance of an in-store experience. That’s where YouTube’s creators come in. They’ve committed considerable time and effort into building authentic connections with fans, and as a result, deliver trusted brand and…

3 eCommerce and social media trends to watch for the rest of 2022

20 Jun: 3 eCommerce and social media trends to watch for the rest of 2022

eCommerce sales have been on the upswing as a share of total sales since before 2000, and in the last decade, social platforms have played an increasing role. Then 2020 happened, driving an unprecedented spike in online sales. This year so far, we’re seeing social media mature as a force that drives e-commerce, in addition to emerging technologies like the…

I'm Gen Z & these social media channels matter to me

16 Jun: I’m Gen Z & these social media channels matter to me

Generation Z are the future. Companies need to connect with them now, to build brand loyalty and sales in the future. But where is this generation connecting online? We chatted with our very own Gen Z (an awesome intern), to discover her favorite social media channels, and how your brand can build a strong connection.
Introducing Eleonore – our Gen Z

Zara limits free returns to in-store only

15 Jun: Zara limits free returns to in-store only

Not unlike the retail industry itself, the longstanding “free shipping, free returns” eCommerce business model is in the throes of evolution. After normalizing and nurturing the growth of online apparel shopping for the past 20 years, a mix of rising expense, inventory disruption and environmental impacts is causing more and more retailers to rethink a policy that has served them well,…

shopping test

31 May: Increasing customer retention in e-commerce

Resale and customer retention rate or customer journey: you may have already heard all these terms before. They have one thing in common: when it comes to looking after your existing customers, you need them. We’ll show you how to correctly calculate and interpret the related key figures. Facts and…

spotlight on us ecommerce

21 Apr: Spotlight on U.S. e-commerce

Covid-19 accelerated the shift to e-commerce in the U.S., making the market more competitive than ever. And it’s businesses with a winning customer experience – from a seamless digital journey to fast and convenient delivery – that are capitalising on the growth.